Saturday, November 8, 2008


The setup pictured above features an embellished MARY POPPINS production cel of a horse from the animated fox hunt sequence.

The cel itself looks like this.

The matching frame in the film looks like this:

The horse originally had a hunter on an overlay cel. Finding the matched hunter production cel is unlikely at best.

So, I asked my restoration artist (who was "ink and paint" trained at Disney) to recreate the Hunter overlay cel. She not only recreated the cel, but used a special technique to make her hand-inking look like Xerox lines! It's just briliiant, and so is she. The word "re-creation" is hand-inked at the bottom of the cel. (Due to image cropping you can't see it here.)

Here's how the Horse production cel and the Hunter look together... re-united after forty years!

The setup is completed with a digitally re-assembled key master background (below).