Friday, August 29, 2008


This very rare cel from MARY POPPINS animated "Jolly Holiday" sequence features a rooster and hen (far left) from the barnyard scene.

If you look very closely you can see the cel's edge, on the right side of Mary Poppins. Cels were usually trimmed for sale at Disneyland's Art Corner... probably so they could fit in a smaller (less expensive) mat.

Originally this was paired with a separate penguin cel (and a color print background from Sleeping Beauty!) in a Disneyland Art Corner setup.

The barnyard birds were severely adhered to the mismatched background, and suffered some paint damage during the separation process. The cel has been professionally restored.

A key frame digital setup was created, so the cel could overlay all other matching elements and recreate precisely the original moment in the film.

The original Art Corner setup is pictured below.


Jarrod said...

Hi Bob,
This is fascinating, thanks for sharing.

sunny kharbanda said...

Thanks! This means more great images to burn into my retina.