Friday, August 29, 2008

MARY POPPINS: Penguin 08-01

This cel from MARY POPPINS animated "Jolly Holiday" sequence features one of the dancing penguins (far right). It was originally paired with a separate cel of a rooster and a hen (and a color print background from Sleeping Beauty!) in a Disneyland Art Corner setup.

The cel layers were separated. The penguin layer was removed intact, entirely original with no paint loss.

A key frame digital setup was created, so the cel could overlay all other matching elements and recreate precisely the original moment in the film, reuniting the penguin with the rest of his animated dance troupe.

The original Art Corner setup is pictured below.


Fblog said...

The second set up is weird...the penguinss from Mary Poppins on a background from Sleeping Beauty ; )


Ah, the curious Art Corner setups remain a mystery. I think the folks who assembled the original setups were just overwhelmed with stacks of cels.

Thinking, "grab a background, grab a cel, or two, clear cover cel, staple, cut, mat, done!"

Just a job to them. Selling at a dollar apiece, no one thought they had any big value. THEN.

As odd as these setups ups were, thousands of cels were saved that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage.

Thank God for these wonderful, wacky setups!

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